• Frequently Asked Questions

    What will I get for my money?

    The price options for your SecrtCity experience are: £40, £70, £100 or £130...


    £40: You can expect to be surprised by a truly incredible experience with a few extra treats thrown in just for you.


    £70: If you opt to eat as part of the experience, you can expect to have an out of this world dining experience, or we'll surprise you with an incredible meal before or after an experience. If you don't want to eat, you'll have a really premium experience with some amazing extra surprises.


    £100: You'll have a truly outstanding experience coupled with food OR a sublime dining experience.

    If you don't want to eat, you'll have an out of this world experience or maybe even two.


    £130: This will be one to tell the grandkids about!

    What if I've done it before?

    In the booking form you will see that you can opt to 'Give us some direction'. If you select that option you can list all the things you like to do and more importantly tell us some things you'd rather avoid, this is the section to tell us anything you've done recently that you don't want to repeat.


    We also protect against giving our customers a bad surprise by only booking the most recent and up to date events and experiences. If you did it 6 months ago or more, you won't be doing it with SecrtCity.

    What kind of events do you offer?

    Obviously we can't tell you the exact events we offer because that would ruin the surprise, but we can tell you that some of our previous customers have been to escape rooms, immersive theatre events, Scavenger hunts, intimate live music events and world class chefs tables.

    We are constantly forming partnerships with amazing new events and venues in London to create one-off experiences that we can tailor just for you.

    What if we don't like the experience?

    By booking a SecrtCity experience you are putting your faith in us to book an experience that you'll love!

    We have had 100% positive feedback from our customers so far and we have no intention of changing that anytime soon.

    Give us as much detail as possible in the booking form if you are particularly picky and we'll take it all into consideration.

    What if my envelope doesn't arrive in time?

    We post all envelopes by first class post at least 5 days in advance, so this should never happen.

    If those pesky postmen do decide go on holiday with your lovely letter, worry not, we can email you a PDF version of your SecrtCity Experience. Just let us know within 8 hours of the start time.

    Why can't I eat if my budget is less than £70?

    We are all about EXPERIENCES! which means we don't just send people to bog standard la-di-da-dinners. If you opt to eat as part of your experience, you will either have an amazing experience AND a gorgeous meal OR your meal will be a part of your experience.

    How do gift vouchers work?

    We offer flexible pricing for Gift Vouchers so you can spend as much as you want on the people you care about. The prices for our experiences are: £40, £70, £100, £130. But you can spend any amount between £10-£130

    The Gift Voucher you buy can be redeemed against the total cost of any SecrtCity experience

    Where will my SecrtCity Experience be?

    SecrtCity experiences are currently only available within Greater London. If you are travelling from outside of London, please make sure you will have enough time to get into central London within 40 mins of your specified start time.


    If your home address is more than one hour's travel time from central London we will assume you have made the above arrangements or that you have arranged accommodation in London for the night.

    When you fill out the booking form you will have the opportunity to specify a rough location for your SecrtCity experience. If you leave it blank, anything goes!

    How long will my SecrtCity Experience last?

    Most SecrtCity experiences last 2 to 3 hours.

    Can I recommend a SecrtCity experience?

    Definitely! Just direct your friends to our website and make sure they take the plunge.

    After your SecrtCity experience we will send you a feedback form which includes the opportunity to refer three friends in return for a great discount on your next experience or even the chance to win a freebie on us :-)

    Can I book an experience at lunch-time rather than in the evening?

    Currently we only offer lunchtime SecrtCity experiences on either Saturday or Sunday.

    During the week we strongly recommend you book your experience in the evening from 18:00 onwards because that's when all the best things happen!

    Should I buy an experience or a gift voucher?

    If you are buying a SecrtCity experience for someone as a gift and you know a date and time that they are free, you can book the whole experience for them and we'll send the letter to you to give to them.

    Alternatively, if you want them to have the flexibility to book an experience for themselves whenever they want you can buy them a SecrtCity Gift Voucher which they will be able to redeem against the total cost of their booking. We'll send the gift voucher to you so you can give it to them in person and see the amazing look on their face when you do.